VersaTuner 1.13.183 released

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VersaTuner 1.13.183 released

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Today we have released VersaTuner version 1.13.183 that includes many new tables and features requested by tuners. As usual, you can use the automatic update functionality to get the update when you run VersaTuner or you can download it manually from here:
A detailed list of new additions is provided below.

Gen2 Mazdaspeed3/Mazda 3 MPS:
- The most important tables can now be rescaled to allow the load axis to exceed 2.0, thus allowing very high power tunes

The load axis on this platform was limited to 2.0 max and this proved to be an obstacle when tuning high power builds that reach higher loads. To fix that we have converted the load axis to an editable one. To edit it, just open the table in the Tune Editor, click the "Edit Axes" button in the lower toolbar and change the load axis to what you need it to be. Please note that all of these tables share the same load axis in the ECU memory. This means that you should leave the checkbox "Rescale table values to match the new axis" checked and VersaTuner will automatically rescale all affected tables so that their function remains the same. You will only need to provide the new values in the added range.
That is, if the table works fine in the stock load range of 0.0-2.0 and you have changed the load axis to span 0.0-2.5, VersaTuner will rescale all tables to keep the same tuning curve in the load range 0.0-2.0 and will repeat the values in the last row for loads 2.0-2.5. All that's left for you to do is to provide the correct values in the range 2.0-2.5

The list of tables that share the new editable load axis are these:
- Calculated Torque - 1-6
- Calculated Torque Multiplier 1-6
- Calculated Torque Related Timing 1-6
- Closed Loop AFR Target 1-2
- Timing Close Loop Max
- Timing Max - Unk
- Timing Normal
- Timing Open Loop Max
- Timing Overload
- Timink Unk 1-2
- Unknown 1-2
- Volumentric Efficiency - VVT Modifier[/list]

Gen 1 Mazda RX-8:
- New tables: Idle Leading Timing, Idle Trailing Timing and Secondary Shutter Valve (SSV)

These tables have been requested by many tuners and should help when tuning RX-8 vehicles.

All SkyActiv-D platforms:
- Many new tables: EGT limits, related corrections and multipliers, Boost Target, Calculated Injection Quantity (from Torque), Injection Limit - Soot Reduction, APP Mapping, etc.

We have added a number of new tables with the hope that they will help us to improve our current SkyActiv-D tunes. We are still working on the tunes and we might need to add even more tables as we go along, but have decided to release the current set for all of you to play with.
The full list of new tables is this:
- EGT Limit Overall (1D)
- Boost Target 7 (3D)
- Calculated Injection Quantity (from Torque) - 5 (3D)
- Calculated Injection Quantity (from Torque) - 6 EGR (3D)
- Calculated Injection Quantity (from Torque) - 7 EGR Low ECT (3D)
- Calculated Injection Quantity (from Torque) - 8 EGR Limited (3D)
- Calculated Injection Quantity (from Torque) - 9 No EGR (3D)
- Calculated Injection Quantity (from Torque) - 10 No EGR Low ECT (3D)
- Injection Limit - Soot Reduction (3D)
- EGT Limit Induced Correction (3D)
- EGT Limit Related Correction 1 (3D)
- EGT Limit Related Correction 2 (2D)
- EGT Limit Related Correction 3 (2D)
- EGT Target Related Correction 1 (2D)
- EGT Target Related Correction 2 (2D)
- Unknown APP Mapping Maybe - 1 (3D)
- Unknown APP Mapping Maybe - 2 (3D)
- Unknown APP Mapping Maybe - 3 (3D)
- Unknown Limit (2D)
- Unknown EGT Limit Related Multiplier 1 (1D)
- Unknown EGT Limit Related Multiplier 2 (1D)

All platforms:
- Support for additional ECU calibrations
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