VersaTuner 22.1 released

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VersaTuner 22.1 released

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VersaTuner 22.1 has been released today and it adds a few highly requested features:

- The dashboard can now be resized to fit more parameters than 16. You can have up to 4 columns and 20 rows and log up to 80 parameters at once.

How to use: Click the wrench icon in the bottom right corner and click on "Dashboard Size" to set the size of the dashboard grid.
The size of the dashboard is saved together with the preset, so you can have differently sized dashboards in different presets.
Tip: if you want to add the parameter to the first available free slot, just double click its name. This is faster than using drag and drop.
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- You can add vehicles manually. This can be useful if you want to build a dashboard preset on a PC that is not connected to the car or need to evaluate the available logging parameters. This feature will be especially useful to e-tuners and will allow them to easily build specific dashboard presets that can be given to customers.

How to use: click "Change..." in the "My Current Car" box and click "Add a Car...". Provide the VIN and the start of the ECU calibration ID of the vehicle. Autocomplete will help you select the correct ECU calibration ID. It is not necessary to fill in the remaining part of the ECU calibration ID. You can also change the name of the vehicle to easily distinguish it from the others and add some notes.
Once the vehicle has been added, you can select it in the list and then switch to the Dashboard tab to see the logging parameters available for that vehicle or build a preset.

Tip: dashboard presets are stored per platform. If you have multiple customers with Gen 1 Mazdaspeed6 vehicles, it is enough to add one vehicle with this platform. The presets built with this vehicle will be compatible with all other vehicles in the same platform.
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There have also been some other small improvements of the user experience:
- Dashboard settings have been moved to the button with the wrench icon in the bottom right corner
- Dashboard presets can be renamed
- Built-in dashboard presets are now shown with a solid star and custom presets with a hollow one
- If "My Current Car" box shows "Flashing allowed: No" for a vehicle, a tool tip is now shown that explains why this might be the case and what information needs to be checked. Previously some customers thought they needed to upgrade from VersaTuner Lite to the full version when the actual problem was a typo in the VIN they provided when ordering.
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