VersaTuner 1.9.5 Released

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VersaTuner 1.9.5 Released

Post by Steve @ VersaTune »

VersaTune is proud to announce the immediate availability of VersaTuner 1.9.5

The update includes these changes:

All Platforms

It is now possible to reconfigure the layout of the Tune Editor by dragging and docking the different sections of the window or making them hide automatically.

Mazdaspeed6/Mazda6 MPS, Mazdaspeed3/Mazda3 MPS, Mazda CX-7

We have included an E85 calculator in the Tune Editor to calculate the correction factor to put in the Fuel Specific Gravity table to correct fueling for your specific ethanol/gasoline blend. It also calculates the actual specific gravity of the fuel and stoichiometric air to fuel ratio.

Added the following new tables in the Tune Editor:

Cold Cranking and Afterstart Enrichment
Warmup Enrichment
Cold Cranking and Afterstart Enrichment Decrement
Warmup Enrichment Decrement

These tables allow you to increase the cold cranking and warmup fuel enrichment to improve cold starting and warmup drivability with high ethanol blends.

For more information on how to use VersaTuner to tune Mazda MZR DISI 2.3l Turbo engines for E85, please refer to our E85 tuning guide:

Bug fixes

Reset button in the Tune Editor restores the value to the value in comparison tune.
Corrected the SI to Imperial unit conversion for the Rev Limit Warmup Temperature Hysteresis tables for Series II RX-8.

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Re: VersaTuner 1.9.5 Released

Post by crashdan »

Thanks these updates are awesome and you are making the Cobb people very Jelous!!! :burnrubber

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Re: VersaTuner 1.9.5 Released

Post by Enki »

So, when's the next release and what's gonna be in it?

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Re: VersaTuner 1.9.5 Released

Post by mfinlay04 »

I need these tables in my life.

Cold Cranking and Afterstart Enrichment
Warmup Enrichment

Awesome job guys. Can't wait to offload my AP and move up to the witchcraft of VersaTune

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