Map Logged Values Over Tune Editor Tables

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Map Logged Values Over Tune Editor Tables

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I've come from Hondas (hondata s300), and that lets you tune in real time, while datalogging. For example, it will show you the current table you are in, and the updating live logged value. I use this for fuel changes primarily, by logging AFR, where the software will show the logged value, and the estimated change needed in the table to reach my target value (defined in software). I can then click on that cell where it shows the estimated change %, and change that cell by that percent (or by my own percent). I get that the newer vehicles have to be flashed with the car off now, so I understand real-time tuning isn't really a thing, but there still might be a more convenient setup...

Started tuning chevy/gm with HPTuners recently, and while I haven't seen this exact live feature (as experienced with the hondata suite), it seems there is something similar, albeit with more pre-setup work on the user's end.
It seems you can make a datalogging histogram of the tables you are trying to log (for example, MAF), and you can log MAF error % per MAF frequency into an identical table to the table in the tune editor. In the way I've seen it setup, it logs the percent difference, for example if you are running 10% rich to lambda, it will log a negative -10% in that part of the table where it logs it, now you can copy that cell in the table, go back to your tune editor, go to that same sell, and "paste special" which will give you the option to add, subtract, multiply by %, multiply by % half, or average. In the sense of MAF tuning, you'd simply have to data log your custom histogram, select all the cells from custom data log histogram, paste special all the cells into the editor table, and boom, done. Create another data log to verify within specs, and/or repeat with those new values.

That's one of the biggest drawbacks to VT I have experienced so far, is that there is no quick/easy translation from the data logs to the tune editor, everything is manual calculations and switching back and forth between the data logs and the editor for each cell and parameter it seems. For example, if you data log fuel trims that are widely different, you're examining each area in the log and manually adjusting the cells back in the editor, switching back and forth each cell. Sure, if you have a flat average you are off over the whole table, you can simply broad adjust by that percent and get close, but there isn't like a copy all / adjust blanket from data log to editor that accounts for a wide and various range of values, like I've seen in these other 2 suites.

Maybe there is a way to do this in VT and it's just user error, but I haven't found it yet, and specifically for MAF tuning, it's a pain making enough data logs and filling all the conditions to get an average, either do the calculations yourself to get the %difference (or using the VT excell sheet even), then going back into each MAF calibration cell individually to make the required % adjustment. For those that have access to cheap dynos, I could see it being less of a hassle, but it seems to me one is still looking at a good handful of hours, which could be a very expensive dyno session just calibrating the MAF.

If there isn't already a convenient data log to tune translation for VT (like I just not using it properly), then I get this is a long shot, having a bit of programming background myself, I wouldn't even comprehend where to start on this, or how to even make it work, lol.
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Re: Map Logged Values Over Tune Editor Tables

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Download megalogviewer and pay the extra couple of bucks for the full version. You can take your logs and and convert them to CSV file. Megalogviewer allows you to do all the type of stuff you are talking about with histograms, plus more... It takes a little more setup then hptuners but once you've got it working it's just as good, if not better.. I've built some of my own excel sheets that allow me to drag and drop things, making automatic changes and then I just copy the changes over..
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Re: Map Logged Values Over Tune Editor Tables

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Thank you, this is a highly requested feature, we are planning to implement it in one form or another in the future.
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