Higher RPM Knock

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Higher RPM Knock

Post by GRemezov »

Gents, need your help!
Cannot understand the knock at high rpm, tried to fight with it by increasing fuel to 10.5 and decreasing timing to 6 deg, still there :banghead . Would really appreciate your help and opinion.
Logs and current tune attached hereto.
GRemezov S2.1 v1.01.vtune.zip
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Logs CSV.zip
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Re: Higher RPM Knock

Post by mituc »

Give it less VVT above 5000rpm. Actually from 5500 up zero it.
Also when you take your logs change the units on the dashboard to something with better granularity than just BAR. kPa would work pretty well, also 1BAR=100kPa so it's easy for the metric system guys to make the conversion.
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