Warning Regarding VersaTuner on Macs

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Warning Regarding VersaTuner on Macs

Post by Steve @ VersaTune »

Over the last year, we have seen a couple instances of ECUs being bricked when flashing using VersaTuner in a Windows VM on Mac OSX. We have worked with affected customers to recover from the situation, but it usually takes a few days to resolve.

VersaTuner does not support running in a virtual machine due to potential issues with data corruption in the USB virtualization. VersaTuner is only officially supported on "bare metal" windows installations on PC hardware. Parallels Boot Camp on Mac hardware is not officially supported, but may have less risk of an unrecoverable flash failure.

We are continuing to investigate this situation and will provide updated information when it becomes available.

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Re: Warning Regarding VersaTuner on Macs

Post by NotAPreppie »

Just a quick pedantic detail correction to avoid confusing others:
Parallels, VMWare, and VirtualBox are VM solutions.
BootCamp is a bare-metal Windows install on a Mac. Theoretically, using BootCamp to install Windows on a Mac should be indistinguishable from Windows on any other laptop but the devil is in the details (mostly driver issues).

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Re: Warning Regarding VersaTuner on Macs

Post by RX-2 »

So is it still not recommended to use versatuner on a Mac?

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