What does "Injection Limit - Acel/Decel Maybe" do?

VersaTuner for Mazda SkyActiv Diesel powered vehicles
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What does "Injection Limit - Acel/Decel Maybe" do?

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I'm trying to make new tune for SkyActive-D that won't have issues that current tunes have (fuel cutoff).
By looking at logs of existing tunes, I've noticed that for all of them max amount of fuel is ~103mm^3/cycle, even though values in all limit tables are higher, and ECU should request more fuel.

Then I noticed that default limit in this table is 105. I created tune where I increased that value to 115 and indeed, I got more fuel injected, ~110mm^3/cycle.

But before I modify it, I would like to understand what it does, and what is the logic behind it.
In WinOLS this table is called MQREVLMT_D.


So what do X and Y axes represent?
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