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Re: Mazda PCM update

by mituc » February 3rd, 2019, 4:12 am

As a side note I am a bit disappointed to see that Mazda dealers all over the world started the latest ECU update issued almost 2 years ago just now. I guess most of them are doing it when they replace the vacuum pump (finally) and check for the cam bearing issues (way too late).
I thought only the ones from Romania are lazy (except for 2 of them), so somehow I am relieved Romania is on the same planet with the "other" countries.

Those who are next make sure you tell the dealer specifically to clean the EGR tubing, throttle body and the MAP sensor before they apply the update. This is crucial for the update and the later tuning to work properly.
While you are there upgrade the injector seals with the new ones from Mazda to avoid soot clogging your oil pick-up and damage your engine while you have VT on the car (which will automatically deny your warranty if the dealer is stubborn or unwilling to help you even though this is a general issue on these engines built before 2015).
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