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RX8 Performance Tune

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Making this post to share my tune that I have made to make your RX8 run smoother have more torque and a stronger power band in the high rpms. I will include the tune to download but I know Versatune manipulates the files so the may not be exactly what I put.
This tune does include pops and bangs but moderately where fuel economy isnt "terrible" I usually get 130 miles to tank on 91 but I also have a heavy foot and speed alot
The pops and bangs are perfect in this tune without sacrificing power
For the none full edition users download file is attached for you guys to use you should notice a difference in power and response My current mods on my rx8 that are in this tune:
-Bennet built coils
-Turboxs cat delete pipe
-Turboxs cat back exhaust
-AEM intake

I also have RX8Performace engine mounts

Whats in the tune:
Fan temps set it kick on at 200F Degrees
Decel fuel cut set for pops/Performance
Idle increased to 1000rpm
Ignition dwell set up for more performance to maximize the better coils
Knock retard modded
Leading and tailing times set up for performance and pops
Fuel enrichment modded for more torque
AFR set up for better performance
Desired Engine Torque modded for better performance
Calculated Engine Torque is modded for performance
Relative Throttle Plate Position and Throttle Duty Cycle for better throttle response

Now most of this was learned from Snowsaysahhh on youtube if you want to follow all his videos to create some of this tune, he is a great tuner from Germany

The Desired Engine Torque, Calculated Engine Torque, and Relative Throttle Plate Position and Throttle Duty Cycle was created by this
Absolute load is set to 1.1 to be able to use 100% of load set for the whole table

Set the rev limit to 9700

Rev warm up limit set to 4000 to prevent over revving when driving cold, personally I do not drive till my temp gauge is at full operating temp but its just a precaution

Then I also have the speed limits set to max so theirs no governor

Then set primary fan 1 and 2 to 200F degrees and make sure fan vehicle speed is set to at least 6 mph

Fuel enrichment 1 and 2 is modded for more lower end torque
Screenshot_20230122_040635.png (223.41 KiB) Viewed 35 times
Screenshot_20230122_040646.png (218.85 KiB) Viewed 35 times
AFR is edited like this to get maximum performance
set this for AFR 1 and 2 some people may have 3
Screenshot_20230122_040806.png (267.4 KiB) Viewed 35 times
My decel fuel cut is set like this to get most performance with some pops
if you want extreme pops set all of them to 9900 but fuel economy will suffer severely
Screenshot_20230122_041009.png (207.2 KiB) Viewed 35 times
Then on idle 1-7 set the last 2 cells to 1000 on all idle 1-7 to get your idle to be a 1000 rpm
I like using 1000rpm it make the idle stronger and when you use heat and ac your idles dont drop to far down

I set my ignition dwell set for my bennetbuilt coils that are rated for boost so im maximizing them as much as possible till i actually run boost
Screenshot_20230122_041009.png (207.2 KiB) Viewed 35 times
Knock retard decrement 1 and 2 to 3 degrees to detect knock better

Knock retard increment 1 and 2 set to .5 to also help with knock

My leading timing set for performance and for pops and bangs
Screenshot_20230122_042223.png (264.01 KiB) Viewed 35 times
Tailing is also set for performance and pops and bangs
Screenshot_20230122_044000.png (264.86 KiB) Viewed 35 times
for APV 1 and 2 I set it to 6500
variable dynamic intake is set to 7600
variable fresh air duct is set to 5600

Now my calculated engine torque and desired engine torque is set from viewtopic.php?t=4365 this post ive tested it and it works vary well. In this post he shows you exactly how to do it and has txt files to copy and paste but be careful cuz your tables could be off a little so watch where your pasting

Relative throttle plate position and throttle duty A-D is also from that post
I cant add any more pictures so Throttle duty is gonna have to be left out but i would highly recommend to go that post to do this final part he explains everything vary well and have everything you need there to make it

Disclaimer: I am a random dude on the internet if your car breaks it is not my fault I just wanted to share what I have found that has worked for me
Please be careful and have fun
any questions please feel free to message me here or dm me on instagram jwatts16
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