First Tune User (flash failure, bricked ecu!!)

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First Tune User (flash failure, bricked ecu!!)

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I wrote this email to Steve earlier today and thought I would post it for some feedback. Thanks in advance!

Hi Steve,

I ended up buying versatuner this last week and finally got to try some tuning today. The VCX Nano did work but I almost had a heartattack when I went to flash a tune I created and I think the VCX was not seating all of the pins very well and crashed at about 80%. I tried to reconnect but versatuner said that the ECU was unrecognized or something like that. Finally after I bent a few of the pins in the VCX to try to get a better connection and about 5 retries and turning the car off and on a few times versatuner started a recovery and fixed my ecu also uninstalling itself. Wow really thought it was bricked, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Well anyway, being the masochist that I am I decided that since I had "fixed" the VCX that I would try the flash again... IT WORKED!!!

Cool so I flashed a mod that:
10% oil increase (multiplied both the load and throttle tables by 1.1)
9500 RPM rev limiter
+10 MPH speed limiter
-10 deg fan temps
6800 launch control
8000 no lift shifting
P0420 disabled

I did notice a little smoke but didn't think much of it. All of the other mods worked AWESOME!! But the oil mod was a complete failure!!! Smoke was pouring out!! (2-stroke oil since I added a SOHN mod). Anyways I modify the tune and took out the oil increase and reflashed it. Working Great!!!

I think I would like to take you up on the 'VersaLink cable at the discounted bundle price' though or ask your suggestion. The 'Tactrix Openport 2.0' looks good too especial if it can log without a computer connected.

I'll attach my tunes for any suggestions and my post this with the tunes on the forum too. (DO NOT flash the tune with the oil map mods!)

Thanks! gearsoft

Tuned with Image by Image
Base Tune + rev, speed, fan v1.01.vtune
This one works great, no performance mods though.
(1.33 KiB) Downloaded 412 times
Base Tune + oil, rev, speed, fan v1.01.vtune
DO NOT FLASH. major smoke, fouled plugs...
(2.19 KiB) Downloaded 392 times
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