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Tune Sharing

by TZangara » June 7th, 2018, 5:50 am

Different modifications may need additional changes to maps. I will start off with a dwell map change, D585 Coils.
Series I RX-8 High Flow Cat and Catback 92 Octane d585 coils v1.05.vtune
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Re: Tune Sharing

by gearsoft » June 9th, 2018, 7:49 pm


I downloaded your tune yesterday and see that you added the same map I have for the d585 coils. Its been working great for me and my coils have been lasting a while since I added this map. I've also been running a modified oil map, some cooler fan settings, rev limit changes and other mods very successfully for over 6 months now and decided to merge the new VersaTuner tune with my tune. The result is very promising and it does fell like the top end has more pull to redline and rev limit. I've included this tune and I pasted the description below that has the basic mods in this tune. If you decide to flash it make sure it merges with your original maps fine before you flash it. VersaTuner does a good job of warning you about this too...

Original tune downloaded from Versatuner's "Available Tunes":
Catback exhaust, High Flow Catted mid-pipe, and KN panel filter
AFR changes
VDI opening moved to 7700
APV opening moved to 6400
raised load limits
+1.5* timing at high load/rpm
My tune additions:
9700 RPM rev limiter
177 MPH speed limiter
-10 deg fan temps
15% oil increase under 4500. Nothing over 60
20% oil increase over 4500. Nothing over 60
d585 coil dwell
Added in the "Tune Customizer" settings while flashing:
P0139, P0420 defeat
Launch 7250
No lift 8750

Mods to my 04 rx8-->
Rebuild w/mild streetport
BHR ignition W/10mm wires
VersaTune ECU programming:
Lightweight flywheel
Tein coilovers
SOHN adapter (2 stroke oil)
Oil pressure increase
Catch can (removed and added ventilation kit)
Ventilation kit N3Y1-13-S80A and new vacuum line diagram (service bulletin 01-050/06)
Bluetooth to factory stereo and OBDII

Fun times!
Series I RX-8 High Flow Cat and Catback 92 Octane W_Other JG v1.06.vtune
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Re: Tune Sharing

by Bob_chala » March 10th, 2019, 11:58 am

Your AFR are richer than stock !! :shock: Why ?
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