Rx8 Flame tune

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Rx8 Flame tune

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I have made a 2 flame tunes one with orange flames and the other with blue flames
I personally like the orange flames its more of a flame thrower effect
In this tune I changed a portion of the AFRs along with the fans kicking on around 190 degrees to help keep the engine cooler
The idle is set to 1000rpm which is my default its a smoother stronger idle and the decel fuel cut is set to 9900 to help create the flames
I also made it where more oil is being injected to help keep the engine lubricated

orange flames is a 11.48 AFR
Flame Tune Orange v1.00.vtune
(5.67 KiB) Downloaded 221 times
Blue flame is a 13.03 AFR
Flame Tune Blue Flames v1.00.vtune
(5.31 KiB) Downloaded 178 times

Disclaimer: I am a random dude on the internet please use at own risk if your car blows up, breaks or melts its not my fault
That being said I have used these plenty of times without any problems
I don't recommend really driving with these tunes installed unless its a fairly short distance to get cool rolling shots
This is not daily tune I would really only use them for pictures/videos, car shows, and showing off to friends

any questions please feel free to message me here or dm me on my instagram jwatts16
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