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Business Name

Business Location

Zonhoven / Belgium
Ham / Belgium

Your Name
Tonni Sneyers

Contact Info
+32 496 56 87 86

Locally Tuned Platform List
Mazda6 MPS
Mazda3 MPS gen1 & 2
Series-I Mazda RX-8

Misc Info/Introduction

ST-Autosport was founded back in late 2006.
Before this it all started way back in 1994!
With a very big interest in rally , autosport and performance tuning, we worked our way into the rally scene. At our very young age of 14 we visited countless rally events and got in contact with some very big names in Belgian rally.
We were very fortunate that family was also involved in professional rally and so we worked our way into the scene, at first, helping with photography, later helping out with technical service.
We had the oppertunity to learn to co-pilot in a few rally events and got the bug. We wanted to start driving and work with engines!!

This is where the tuning scene got to us! We rolled into the engine tuning business, first as a hobby and personal interest, later we wanted to do more with it!

As a result of our personal interest, we broadened or knowledge and became the actual owner of the Belgian Nissan-Club!
We had been studying for software programmer and graduated!
This is also how we rolled into the Nissan-Club that was first owned by another person.
We managed and programmed the website, organised events and later on became the owner of Nissan Club Belgium, as the first owner lost interest and decided to quit.

From that day on, things really got rolling. This was way back in 2001. We got in contact with some car importers, to back them up importing the famous Nissan Skyline GT-R and other nice and fast Japanese machinery.

Along the way we got to know new friends with the same interest and started working on import cars with Toyota MR2, Toyota Supra and off course Nissan and GT-R' as our main occupation.

We carried on working and got a quite a big name back then, when everyone was in the "Fast & the furious" craze, we actually lived that dream and craze ourselves!
We attended big events, rally, drag racing and drift events, and promoted our services trough all known channels and event coverages.

In late 2006 we took the big plunge and registered ourselves as a new company/sole proprietorship.
This was where all things really got started and took off to become a well known and respected company in the Belgian performance industry.
We now can do all kinds of work but we focus on engine builds, rebuilds, custom fabrication, electronics and mapping service.

In 2009 we also started working closely with a Belgian Toyota Dealership. We had the oppertunity to learn all new Toyota technology and earned the certificate of certified STEP3 Toyota technician.

After road-mapping tons of cars over a period of more than 15years, renting dyno's here and there, in the end of 2016 we bought our first dyno, a 2wd Dynostar with upgraded parts so we can measure up to 1500hp/1600Nm and we can brake continiously about 1000hp for mapping.
We mostly concentrated on standalone ecu mapping, but with the launch of the GT86/BRZ platform we further rolled into custom OBD tuning, using opensource software.
Now beginning 2018 we got a lot of client requests for Mazda tuning, RX-7, RX-8, MX-5, 3 MPS, 6 MPS, so we took the advantage and jumped on the Versatuner boat.

We are happy to install and configure most aftermarket ecu's and install or fabricate custom performance upgrades as required.

Contact us with your requirements and we will try our best to help you.

kind regards
Tonni Sneyers

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