Aux Fuel Tuning

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Re: Aux Fuel Tuning

Post by mituc »

You should look into the MAF calibration and see what air flow you're hitting around 16PSI (this may differ depending on the engine RPM though). From the lowest MAF voltage this happens at you can set the MAF g/s values in the MAF cal at 10% of what they are now. You will still have to target right AFRs/Lambda values and eventually leave the closed loop load limit set high enough for the ECU to still compensate with DI when the PI is not triggered as expected (since it doesn't work on a 3D map from what you're saying).
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Aux Fuel Tuning

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Can the DI duty cycle be changed to go along with the PI to reduced load? i am considering a split system (e85 PI, 98RON DI) and would need to almost disable the DI (10% DC) for full e85 after 16psi.
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