Issues on a friends car.

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Issues on a friends car.

Post by kiwiginger »

SO a friend of mine uses an Accessport (plz no hate :D ) and hes trying to get his GEN1 tuned HOWEVER
He's having issues with the trying to get is LTFT but because his AFR is not getting target, its not ideal.
He's so far replaced his o2 sensors and we SUSPECT that the MAF sensor is ok although the idle voltages are reading between 1.2v-1.3 (we will trial another MAF sensor to confirm).

Hes installed the HPFP and has the CObb stage 2 mods and a FMIC (3" Intake and DP)
Has anyone had issues with the relief valve not opening properly once the HPFP upgrade has been installed?

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Re: Issues on a friends car.

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As usually, VT or not, we'd like to see a log rather than building our opinion on your partially built opinion :)
Also, a list of the aftermarket parts he has on the car would help quite a bit.
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