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Out of activations

Post by Enki »

I have two devices, my desktop, which I actually use to look at logs and adjust the tune that goes on my car, and my tablet that I use to log and flash with.

I occasionally refresh my desktop with a clean install, and in order to get back up and running, I have to re-auth my desktop install. I've done this again recently, but forgot that I need to copy the database over so I can see what codes I have disabled on the car. I've done that this morning, and was asked to re-auth, which I attempted, and got the attached error.

My main question is, if the software is tied to the VIN, is there any reason to limit the number of installs on the software?

Secondarily, can my number of installs be increased so I can continue to use the software?

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Re: Out of activations

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The limit of activations is there to help us detect possible cases of abuse of our licensing system. Please email us and we will clear your old activations.
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Re: Out of activations

Post by mituc »

I had the same problem after reinstalling the OS in a virtual machine several times. Just send an email to the support@ address and they will reset this counter for you.
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