Not able to flash RX8

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Not able to flash RX8

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I have bought the full software version and I have a 2005 RX8, If I try and flash the ECU it is reporting that the ECU has differing software installed on it. I had a map put on recently for the Stage 3 rebuild that I have had by the people who did the rebuild to enable a 4500rpm rev limiter while the engine is being bedded in - can I just flash back to stock as normal overwriting the custom map which they put on because at the moment, I am unable to flash with the stock Stage 1 which comes with the premium version of Versatune

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Re: Not able to flash RX8

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you need to know what tool did he use to put on the rpm limit. if it was a mazda edit, or versa it can be overwritten, if it is coob aces port than its impossible withot him returning to stock. take a look at this thread. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1058

also since when they built the engine it got a warranty. for them to honor the warranty they need to remove it once the break in period is done.
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