need help with obdlink sx

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need help with obdlink sx

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hi i'm at a dead end with the obdlink sx, the car is getting an e tune soon and i cannot get it to work, it has worked in the past once or twice but now i cant get it to connect at all.

the light is green when plugged into the car and odlink sx comes up in the list of devices but versatuner says it cannot read data from the car, OBDwiz is the same, it detects the cable but wont connect to the vehicle.

things ive tried is a factory reset, firmware update, driver uninstall and reinstall, changing baud rates with stnterm but still no luck.

can anyone help? or do i need to fork out for a versalink cable?

thanks in advance
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Re: need help with obdlink sx

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1. Is the ignition on? Try identifying the car with the engine running.
2. Try installing VCP driver, it worked for some users: ...
3. Try a different computer
4. Try using contact cleaner on the OBD-II port and make sure that the cable is seated well when you plug it in
5. Try identifying a different car to rule out OBD-II port wiring issues.
6. If all else fails, it might be a faulty cable.
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