Windows 10 64 bit install issue's

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Windows 10 64 bit install issue's

Post by Deldran »

So I have been bashing my head against this for many hours now.

I have been trying to install my Gen1 Versalink cable on my windows 10 64bit laptop with 0 luck or success.
Ungius provided me the Gen1 drivers, which is not easily found on Drew Tech's website, but windows still tried to install this as a basic usb serial device.
I have forcefully removed the usbser.sys file from c:\windows\system32\drivers. Now it shows up as an unknown device, with a manufacture of Drew Tech, but I cannot get it to install the proper driver for the system.

This is extremely frustrating. If anyone has had this issue, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Steve @ VersaTune
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Re: Windows 10 64 bit install issue's

Post by Steve @ VersaTune »

This was a matter of the wrong drivers being installed. The solution was to uninstall the old drivers and install the correct drivers. Then refresh the list of J2534 interfaces in VersaTuner and re-select the DrewTech Mongoose.

Derek Mc
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Re: Windows 10 64 bit install issue's

Post by Derek Mc »

Just to say, I have only run Versatune with Win10 and so far bar one error message trying to run a datalog, all has been 100% fine.

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