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New to Versatune, have some pretty cool hardware overlap

Posted: April 23rd, 2019, 3:48 pm
by Chr!s
I currently own a Diesel laptop and drewlinq for heavy trucks, sold by Diesel Laptops.
The j1939/obd2 Volvo cable and the class 8 box will function to reprogram the mazda ecu.
My laptop was already setup for drewlinq.
So I purchased the software, used the Y cable, just the obd2 side, and loaded a map on my ms3 gen1, so for those who own anything from drew tech, there is a lot of cross compatibility, I already use the dlinq to emulate a GM MDI, and it's not advertised as being able to program or rewrite, but it does, time will show how stable it is, as the the first session kicked me back with a compilation error, but to my own fault for not cycling the key on time and getting click happy.
So instead of buying a cable, and the software and having it only serve the mazda.....spend 2800 for a HDS+obd2 system from diesel laptops(drew tech is the hardware mogul behind them) and use the supplied box to reprogram many protocols, pretty cool stuff, the guys at versatune didnt have an answer on cross compatibility so it looks like the was not a 400 dollar gamble.