Supported J2534 Pass-Thru Devices

Discussion of various J2534 Pass-Thru devices and Portable Computers.
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Supported J2534 Pass-Thru Devices

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The following J2534 devices have been successfully tested with VersaTuner:

Recommended: VersaLink
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Also supported:

DrewTech Mongoose

Tactrix Open Port 2.0 ... &Itemid=53

Blue Streak Electronics J2534 Global Programmer (iFlash)

Ford/Mazda VCM II ... s/VCM.aspx

Other J2534 Pass-Thru devices should work as long as the driver properly implements the SAE/ISO standard.

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Re: Supported J2534 Pass-Thru Devices

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If you are using an untested J2534 cable, please make sure that your car is parked somewhere safe where it can stay for a while if things do not go well.

There are cheap knock-offs of name brand cables that allege to be J2534-1 compliant, but do not fully work with VersaTuner. If possible, meet up with someone who has a validated cable or borrow one temporarily as a back up plan.

We will continue to test and validate J2534 cables to find additional options for our customers.

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Re: Supported J2534 Pass-Thru Devices

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Please never use Chinese Mini VCI/MVCI J2534 cables with VersaTuner.
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They claim to have J2534 support, but it is buggy. The fun part is that it can read the backup and erase the ECU successfully, but it crashes when VersaTuner tries to write the new ROM, thus leaving you with a car that does not start.

If you get into a situation like this, you will need to get a supported vehicle interface and VersaTuner will recover the ECU automatically.