VersaTuner 21.2 released

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VersaTuner 21.2 released

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The second major release of this year is out now and it includes several big features:
2010-2018 Mazda3 2.0l support
We have added support for 2010-2018 Mazda3 with 2.0l SkyActiv-G engines. Prebuilt tunes offer a 14 hp peak over peak increase in horsepower with greater gains in many parts of the power curve. Crackle and pop versions of all performance tunes are available.
We are working to add other SkyActiv-G platforms and engines.

Separate ECU definitions
ECU definitions (ECU support packages) are now separate from the VersaTuner software. VersaTuner had grown to more than 400 MB in size and it became difficult to distribute and update when we just had to add support for an additional ECU calibration.
From now on, each supported vehicle platform will have separate tuning and logging support packages. Main VersaTuner app is now only 12 MB in size. After installation, personal editions will only download those packages that are relevant based on the customer's license. This also means that we can quickly release updates for specific vehicle platforms without having to release a whole new version of VersaTuner.

ND1/ND2 MX-5 Miata
Added new load limit tables as part of the ongoing development of boost support.
These tables are preliminary steps toward forced induction support on the SkyActiv platform.
The IAT vs RPM load limit tables should resolve the issue of cars driven hard on the track seeing unwanted throttle closure when hot.
Proper forced induction support is not quite ready. These load limit tables are a big part of it though. A “hacked” forced induction tune can be made by skewing the MAP and Baro sensors and correcting fuel. It's not clean but it mostly works for now.

ND2 MX-5 Miata
Added an option to override the injection window load limit.
This is useful for E85 tunes and forced induction due to the smaller injectors on ND2. ND1 will receive this option soon.

Mazda3 SkyActiv Diesel
Added new exhaust O2 limit tables. Other SkyActiv Diesel platforms will get these tables soon.
These tables effectively allow more fuel (IQ) at higher RPM.
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Re: VersaTuner 21.2 released

Post by Brnt84 »

For the Mazda 3 diesel with these new tables, are you going to update the beta tune ?
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Re: VersaTuner 21.2 released

Post by Jpk »

When you release new versions with new added tables is it necessary to reinstall versatune on my vehicle for it to recognize the tunes with these tables?
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Re: VersaTuner 21.2 released

Post by mituc »

No, only reinstall it on your laptop/tablet.
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