VersaTuner for Gen1 and Gen2 Mazda3 and Mazda6
This is my site October 18, 2022 – 9:57 am

VersaTune is pleased to announce the immediate availability of VersaTuner for:

  • Gen1 Mazda3 (BK) 2.0l and 2.3l
  • Gen2 Mazda3 (BL) 2.0l and 2.5l
  • Gen1 Mazda6 (GG2) 2006-2008 2.3l
  • Gen2 Mazda6 (GH) 2.5l

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This initial release is a BETA release. While we have thoroughly tested the solution, we have not built any off-the-shelf tunes for these new platforms. Tunes can be created with the Full Personal version of VersaTuner or you can contact a VersaTuner Pro tuner for a custom tune. Off-the-shelf tunes will be added in the future.